Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modern Bathroom Lighting - Get your bathroom look contemporary

Modern Bathroom Lighting - Get your bathroom look contemporary

Lighting in each room, so the practical nature such as bathroom and kitchen, the room is more important. For example, the site is fundamental for the maintenance of the constitution bathroom, shaving, and the organization wants to implement a survey of cuts and abrasions. However, the bathroom door closed to the outside world, to some extent, and a blow for some time. I have a bath to relax and maybe read a book or reflect on the day was going. This case requires that the light is too hard and will be considered reassuring light. The modern bathroom lighting to ensure a balance between the two methods. Indeed, the practice of lighting styles. Task lighting and accent lighting around there. This article explains the rules and how to use the bathroom.

Work Lights

Lighting work is a mirror of light used in the Ext. Shave his face showing the location of this crude, but effective, I miss you. The modern bathroom lighting goes a long way from there. The lighting, even cleaning the place or places of mirror bath composition, and shower, and it focuses on.

The eyes, nose and chin dark side of the mirror and come with a light make-up area. Face is hidden in difficult areas, applying makeup, and makes shaving a hurry. If it's better than light, so light vertical cabinet with mirror, you can add or supplementary lighting. Even better to reflect the light source, he adds.

Places shower is generally narrow and close, very good lighting is essential to ensure that you can see what you are doing. It can cause slippage on wet surfaces, as is the safety aspect. What the laundry, read labels to see things like shampoo bottles are also useful. Shaving in the shower, so you need to see what you are doing. Recessed lights are popular so quickly. This open, be more or less light. Recessed lights, so I do not get their way, should help to protect against water and humidity.

Retail Lighting

Lights behind the ambient light. The need to fill the room with light, so the switch to clean rooms, storage areas, and we see things like that. The most common form of ceiling lights on the light environment. It is a single light in the center of the ceiling. The ambient light, task lighting, such as showers, and even for you to popular series of lighter alternatives. As for the plan bathroom, the light environment in natural light in the light of a window or skylight. Adapt or a new bathroom in the bathroom, natural light, as being placed in the correct position of the windows is important.

Accent Lighting

More emphasis on lighting to create a theme. To sum up the character or feel of the style will be used to highlight features of the room. In other words, ornaments, sculptures and architectural elements from the original, as if light is designed to learn. So, turn off the lights and perimeter lighting accents to create a relaxed atmosphere. If you have a useful accent lighting dimming control. A weak line of light up or down, depending on your situation.

Three types of light in the bathroom to ensure a balance between personal choice and administration. The only place to prepare for the day to relax after a hard day of work, by choice, or both.


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